Efficient Homes

At the center of change are people, with their habits and their attention to the environment - and the change begins at home. Progressive electrification is the best possible choice for decarbonizing the economy, fostering environmental sustainability and making consumption more efficient.

Heat pumps are one of the key drivers of the process of electrifying domestic consumption, boosting energy efficiency and drastically reducing costs compared to conventional methane or oil-fired boilers. When these heat pumps are powered by electricity produced from renewables, for example from solar PV panels, the savings become even greater.

The economic and environmental benefits are significant: in order to meet the same heating needs, the costs of running a heat pump are on average 45% lower than those of a condensation boiler and the annual savings in CO2 for an air heat pump amounts to 251 kg.

With Enel X’s innovative solutions, we’re working to foster the process of electrifying consumption thanks to a progressive switch to more efficient technologies like heat pumps.