Energie per Crescere (Energy for Growth)

Developing electricity grid infrastructure that is increasingly efficient, digitalized, resilient and carbon-free is an enabling factor for the energy transition. That’s why we’re committed with Energie per Crescere (Energy for Growth) #EnelOpenSchool, together with ELIS, to help meet the growing demand for operational professionals, by providing training and placements with our partners in the sector of grid infrastructure. These technically specialized roles also require digital skills.


Through employment agencies and institutes that are Accredia certified, during the two-year period from 2022-2023 a total of 5,500 young people will be selected from across the country to be placed with companies that work with us, following 5 weeks of theoretical and practical training. The goal is to provide quality training to people who can then be employed in operational roles (cable layers and splicers, fitters of secondary substations and PTPs, live LV operators, etc.).

With this program we want to help create new growth opportunities, both for young people and for the companies in our network of suppliers, by focusing on technical training. We believe that human capital is central to achieving the goals of the energy transition.

Nicola Lanzetta, Head of Country Italy, Enel

Through this initiative, we want to strengthen the connection between training and the world of work with specific programs built on the needs of businesses that operate with us all over Italy, thereby providing not only further input to the energy transition, but also an economic boost to the country.