Training for a sustainable future

With #EnelUp4Education we are promoting a form of energy that is essential for the future generations – knowledge. We see this as a fundamental precondition for sustainable growth.

For our Group sustainability education represents a momentum shift towards the future. We are promoting training and continuous learning with innovative projects to help achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 (quality education) and to make the new generations the protagonists of a new development model.

For us SDG 4 is not just a number, it represents a concrete commitment to promote quality, fair and inclusive education: in order to make sure nobody is left behind, the energy transition has to be, above all, human.


The initiatives that we are implementing have various goals: raising awareness among communities about the issues on the 2030 Agenda, pathways for startups capable of developing innovative solutions, professional training courses in the energy sector, preventing bullying and cyber-bullying, countering school dropout rates and integrating educational activities with workshop experiences.

For us, training is a world waiting to be discovered, a journey through learning and knowledge, virtuous circles and new lifestyles, new spaces tailored to learners’ needs as well as big opportunities.
Training means personal and professional growth, but above all it means the future.

Our sustainability training initiatives in Italy aim to help orient young people towards the professions of the future and to promote the study of STEM subjects, offering equality of opportunity regardless of gender, social or economic background.

Fabrizio Iaccarino, Head of Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Italy