Innovation and sustainability

We are driving the energy transition through collaborations with startups, enterpreneurs, companies, universities and any other potential partners working to create innovative solutions for the future.

We are committed to transforming the energy sector through a system of Open Innovation that interprets the transition as an opportunity for business, progress and cultural development with the circularity of people at its center.

We invest in the creation of an open ecosystem in which sustainability is the goal, innovation is the tool and digitalization is a lever of that innovation. For this reason we coined the term Innovability®: because there is no sustainability without innovation.


We think that innovation represents a necessary condition for the constant evolution of entire sectors, and that ideas can come from anywhere: we are committed every day to building a network of talents, solutions, technologies and resources to guide the transition of the energy sector. A genuine extended scientific community that brings together all the centers of sustainable innovation, extending the perimeter to include also external professionals.

This scenario has given life to Open Innovability®, our crowdsourcing platform open to everyone which has so far gathered 3,400 innovative ideas to respond to the challenges of sustainable development.

We look for the protagonists of tomorrow – people who dream big and want to transform their ideas into projects capable of changing the world – with the goal of creating ecosystems that we constantly encourage with new stimuli, as is the case with our network of Innovation Hubs, three of which are in Italy: in Catania at the Passo Martino laboratories, a cutting-edge facility for renewable energy technologies; in Pisa with innovative projects in the field of generation and in Milan developing research into technologies for infrastructure and networks.

Three spaces connected to the network of Enel Innovation Hubs around the world, providing access to the world’s leading innovation ecosystems that manage relationships with startups, accelerators, incubators and innovation communities.

Having a community of people that contribute to innovation at the Group means being able to count on an extraordinary intellectual force, an enormous lever for innovating.

Ernesto Ciorra, Head of Innovability®

With Open Innovability® we are providing solid support to startups with significant innovation potential also from a perspective of inclusion. Like in the case of Avanchair, the solution created to provide people with disabilities greater independence in day-to-day life. Embracing change is the key to driving a company that puts people at its core, creating value for society as a whole with a far-sighted vision: we are convinced that only by opening up can we enable this great transformation.