Production from renewables

Together with Enel Green Power, we are international leaders in the production of renewables: the development of these technologies is the driving force for the energy transition.

Sun, wind, water, the Earth’s heat: producing renewable energy means harnessing the power of these elements – which are naturally abundant and widespread – to generate electricity. These forms of generation, compared with production from conventional sources, are able to drastically reduce emissions levels.

More recent technologies such as photovoltaic and wind power, together with more mature technologies like hydroelectric and geothermal are the leading protagonists of the current transition that represents a genuine paradigm shift based on decarbonization, i.e. the gradual abandonment of fossil fuels.

The benefits of using renewables are not limited solely to reducing the environmental impact of energy production: they also include economic benefits thanks to falling production costs, versatility, the creation of production chains with new job opportunities, greater energy independence and less reliance on other countries.

In parallel with electrification, renewables represent the only route forward for sustainable development: we embarked on this journey as a Group some time ago and we are constantly upping the pace, having recently brought forward the goal of zero emissions by 10 years to 2040.