Renewables are a cornerstone of the energy transition: for some years now, together with Enel Green Power, we have been working to boost the development of renewables through increasingly efficient and competitive innovative technologies in order to help achieve our country’s decarbonization targets, increase energy security and create new opportunities. 

If we talk about the future, we cannot ignore the challenges that await us, in particular those concerning climate change. Some time ago we set ambitious targets, i.e. to achieve complete decarbonization by 2040, thereby ensuring that all our energy is produced from renewables and without emissions of CO2. This is also a challenge for Italy because the goals that the country has set are ambitious but achievable if there is a response from the country system that we, as a Group, are accompanying through the energy transition.

Luca Solfaroli Camillocci, Head of Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation Italy

We have long been committed to developing renewable power plants in Italy and abroad. Today, Renewable Energy Communities represent a fundamental tool for the energy transition and the achievement of zero-emissions targets: we are deeply convinced that Energy Communities will have a key role in accelerating the process of decarbonization, electrifying consumption, reducing energy costs and supporting the production chains of small and medium-sized firms in our country.