Smart and resilient grids

Panoramica dall'alto dell'impianto 3Sun di Catania

An electricity infrastructure that is increasingly intelligent, efficient and digital is an enabling factor for the energy transition.

That’s why we’re working every day to provide a smart grid that ensures customers quality, safety, resilience and a more active involvement in the electricity system; a technologically advanced and reliable grid capable of distributing energy to more than 32 million households and businesses across Italy.

On the journey towards the energy transition, people are the most important actors and they can begin to achieve this transformation starting in their own homes. We’re committed to making people the protagonists of change, supporting those who choose to produce and self-consume renewable energy (prosumers) on this journey towards, by offering innovative solutions and the necessary support.

Enel X Sun Plug&Play


With Enel X’s innovations, we’re making people the protagonists of the energy transition through affordable solutions like photovoltaics for balconies. Enel X Sun Plug&Play is a 0.38 kWp photovoltaic panel for apartments that saves up to 25% on household energy bills. This is a convenient and affordable alternative that can enable people to reduce their consumption, which promotes energy sustainability and lowers their utility bills.

Electric mobility

enel x way juice pump

We believe that the spread of electric mobility accessible to all is essential for Italy’s energy independence. That’s why, with Enel X Way we are committed to expanding the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, developing advanced high-power technologies that improve the customer experience and accelerate the electrification of transport.

We’re working to change the world of mobility: serving people, companies and cities by offering simple and intuitive solutions for managing recharging directly from smartphones, as well as consultancy and support services for public administrations for the implementation of our technologies.